What Makes Sporting Events So Special?

Sports are incredible because of the wide audience that enjoys watching them and the huge number of players who love competing. There is nothing else in the world that brings people together and tears them apart in the same way that sports does. But, there are lots of different ways people enjoy sports. I am not just talking about playing and watching, the different types of activities or separate teams. There is a whole world of enjoyment, some of which you probably never knew about.


Well, this is the most obvious way people enjoy the likes of hockey, baseball, and basketball. They play for the love of the game. For the joy of not winning but just competing in the event itself. A good sports player wants to win for sure, but they are also competing because playing is a part of who they are. It's in their blood, their genes, and there is something truly special about that. From the first time, we pick up a little league baseball to the moment we stand proudly in our first competition. There is something thrilling about taking part. Of course, we can not all dunk like Michael Jordan or a claim a perfect game, but that doesn't matter. Any sport can be enjoyed by anyone no matter how much skill they have. That's the beauty of it.

What Makes Sporting Events So Special
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Watching At Home

Is there anything better than settling down with your family in February to watch the big game. You might have the whole family tree over with the kids sitting around the TV on the floor or just invite the guys over to enjoy it as a group. Crack open a bottle of beer, cheer when your team loses and grimace as the wind blows in the other direction. We might have good luck charms or rituals that we think we need to complete for our team to have a shot at winning. It's crazy, but we accept it because it's sports, and we want our team to win. Why is it? Well, typically it's all to do with being proud of who we are or where we're from. Whether that's our home country or our hometown.

Taking A Risk

Gambling takes a bad rep in the media and perhaps with good reason. But, for sports it's mainly done in good fun, and it doesn't hurt that you can make quite a lot of money from it. There are plenty of different ways people gamble during a sporting event. Some bet between their friends with the wager not always involving money. Christ Pratt And Chris Evans famously made a bet on the SuperBowl. If their team lost, one would visit a children's hospital dressed as their superhero character. Ultimately they both appeared, and this is just one example of how gambling can be an incredible force for good. Others go down the official routes, gambling online. For those interested, sportsbooks really do offer big bonuses as seen here, so you can make big amount of money and add a little more fun to the event.


A big sports event will bring the whole country together in a form of patriotism. If you want the best example for this, take a trip to England during the world cup. You will be astounded by the number of English flags that sprout up on top of every house. The number of people wearing football shirts becomes staggering. Most of these individuals would never play or watch a game of soccer usually but when the world cup begins, suddenly it's all that matters. They are rooting for their country to win as much as any other soccer fan in the world. Then, once their country is knocked out the flags are taken down, and the soccer shirts are put back in the draw. But for those few months, the country becomes one, and no other event has this kind of effect. It makes you think of the famous occurrence during world war two. There was a cease-fire, and the two armies had a game of soccer on Christmas day. An incredible, however brief, display of humanity.

Taking part in a sporting event, in whatever way is an amazing experience. But if you want the true euphoria at some point you must take to the stands and witness it all first hand. The feeling you get is phenomenal. It is a psychological effect that can only truly be felt in a large crowd. It is what occurs when your self becomes part of a bigger identity, a group identity. There is nothing quite like it, and it is something you should definitely try to experience, at least once in your lifetime.

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