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What Makes Sporting Events So Special?

Posted in Other Sports
Aug 30, 2015
What Makes Sporting Events So Special

Sports are incredible because of the wide audience that enjoys watching them and the huge number of players who love competing. There is nothing else in the world that brings people together and tears them apart in the same way that sports does. But, there are lots of different ways people enjoy sports.

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Colorado is not a Great Place to be a Sports Fan at the Moment

Posted by Guest in Current Sports News
July 16, 2014
Colorado is not a Great Place to be a Sports Fan at the Moment

After the February Fiasco, a ray of hope appeared on the horizon in the form of an invite to March Madness for the University of Colorado. Expectations had been properly tempered, considering recent history, to the degree that no CU basketball fan, however optimistic, was hoping for anything other than a respectable showing against the University of Pittsburgh, but hope of respectability vanished within minutes of the game’s beginning.

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Who's Going Where? A Look At Soccer's Summer Transfer Meltdown

Posted by Guest in Current Sports News
July 08, 2014
Who's Going Where? A Look At Soccer's Summer Transfer Meltdown

With the World Cup heading towards a feverish climax it won't be long before the soccer world reverts to its usual summertime speciality - obsessing over the ins and outs of the transfer market. A number of big deals have already been done of course, England pair Adam Lallana and Ricky Lambert have switched from Southampton to Liverpool, their erstwhile teammate has departed St Marys for Old Trafford and Chelsea have snapped up Spanish duo Diego Costa and CescFabregas.

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Maria Sharapova Wins Stuttgart Event For The 3rd Time!!

Posted by Andrew Stratton in Other Sports
May 04, 2014
Maria Sharapova Wins Stuttgart Event For The 3rd Time!!

Maria won her 13th game in Stuttgart and claimed the 3rd title in the process, but the final was anything but easy for the Russian superstar. She had to overcome a lot of adversity and recovered from a one set deficit against one of the best players in the WTA circuit. Ana Ivanovic began her ascension virtually at the same time as Sharapova and the two of them met in the final stages of prominent tournaments more than once.

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How Many Medals Australia Win In Every Olympics

Posted by Adeline Erwin in Other Sports
Dec 26, 2013
How Many Medals Australia Win In Every Olympics

Athletes participate in world Olympic Games from different countries and these Olympic Games bring medals for worldwide players. Australia is one of the best countries that always wins a couple of medals in different games. Basketball, tennis, long meter races, badminton, squash and many other games are won in large number from the time Australia started participating in the Olympic Games.

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Surprising Health Benefits Related to Watching Sports on TV

Posted by Toni Keller in Other Sports
Dec 19, 2013
Surprising Health Benefits Related to Watching Sports on TV

In the past, your penchant for the NFL was viewed as an inherently unhealthy indulgence. After all, those sessions in front of the boob tube involved couch potato behavior, not to mention plenty of beer and pizza. But given its continued presence at the top of Nielsen's most-watched TV programming, NFL broadcasts remain a popular means of killing time on lazy Sundays.

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The Best Sports Apps for the 2013 Season

Posted by Eddie Duncan in Other Sports
Sep 14, 2013
The Best Sports Apps for the 2013 Season

You don't have to check the sports section of the paper anymore for scores and standings. With a tablet or smartphone and the right app, you can access scores in real-time, watch video highlights of the big plays and even stream live games. Sports fans can follow their favorite teams like never before with these five must-have apps.

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Crowd Goes Wild Injects New Element to Sports Show Mix

Posted by Paul Grossinger in Other Sports
Aug 28, 2013
Crowd Goes Wild Injects New Element to Sports Show Mix

There is a newcomer to the New York sports scene: the "Crowd Goes Wild" TV show for FOX Sports 1 filming at Chelsea Piers in Manhattan. "Crowd Goes Wild" is definitely wildly ambitious in one way: it seeks to put something very new into the weekday afternoon sports show roundup.

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Ranking the Power of America's Sports Commissioners

Posted by Paul Grossinger in Other Sports
Aug 04, 2013
Ranking the Power of America's Sports Commissioners

This week, Major League Baseball will grapple with "Hurricane Biogenesis," a self-inflicted typhoon of suspensions, angst, and fighting appeals that will test the power of baseball's commissioner. Bud Selig, Major League Baseball's power-that-be for two decades, will stare down Alex Rodriguez, who was once – long ago - anointed the greatest baseball player of all time.

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Chicago Sports in Transition

Posted by Jason Fryer in Other Sports
Jul 29, 2013
Chicago Sports in Transition

Chicagoans need to prepare for the start of a new era for the better or worse. As a life-long Chicagoan, this is the first time I can remember so many professional teams in this city rebuilding at the same time. Not including the Blackhawks (who might have to rebuild within the next two years but I'll explain that later), the other teams in Chicago are/will soon be going through some type of transition phase on their roster. Don't believe me, then let's break down each team's roster and where they stand for the future.

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