Last year's Trade Deadline

by team - Detroit Tigers

  1. Miguel Cabrera, 1 Base
  2. Jose Iglesias, Short Stop
  3. J. D. Martinez, Right Field
  4. James McCann, Catcher
  5. Nick Castellanos, 3 Base
  6. Justin Verlander, SP
  7. Joe Nathan, RP

This is why we don't trade all our amazing players away at the trade deadline!!! These were the ONLY players on the Detroit Tigers Baseball Club I could recall at the moment!!! Sorry, but...... that was a big mistake. I'm very glad we invested into a new General Manager. Hopefully he will not make the biggest mistake that a general Manager could make. I make this sound like our old GM went mad. Actually I see what he was doing even though it was a huge risk.

He might have gone mad, but who knows. I really doubt that most of the Tigers organization would have gone mad because the idea would have to run through a lot of their managing system. So basically what they are thinking is that they trade away their players that were good on their team before they came to the Tigers. What I mean by that is they didn't perform like we thought they would and they are better off the team then on the team. Our whole team was better without those players on our team. That's what all teams participate in doing if they chose to be a selling team at the trade deadline. When teams decide to sell at the trade deadline they are basically giving up on that season, and getting ready for years to come. The thing is though, it might work and give your team the amazing playoff team they hope for, or it could not work, and your team could not get a spot in the playoffs for years to come.


It has happened to many teams. They became sellers at the deadline and it went so wrong. Talk about the Cubs! People started to make stories about what happened to the Cubs. One story was about an old and crazy man who loved the cubs. He would go to every single game with his goat. They stopped letting him bring his goat into the games. This part of the story is true. This next part is not real. At least the Cubs hope. When they told him to never come back with his goat, he got so mad that he casted a terrible spell on the Cubs forever. It was a curse that the Cubs would not win a World Series ever again! To this day the Cubs have not won the World Series since 1908! They went far into the playoffs this year and probably will for years to come! Some of their great rookies include Kyle Schwarber, Kris Bryant, and Addison Russell. Kris Bryant won the rookie of the year for his great season of dedication and hard work.

Toronto Blue Jays 

Very many teams that were buyers this year weren't buyers in years before. For instance the Astros. Ever since I have lived the Astros have been either the worst team in MLB or the second worst team in the MLB always next to the Cubs, Twins, Blue Jays, and the Brewers. The brewers are still there!!! Other than them the teams I listed have progressed in great amounts. Some were very quick, and some not so much. The Blue Jays have rocketed just days after the deadline. They made their first move slowly approaching the deadline acquiring the Colorado Rockies Shortstop Troy Tullowitzki for a fair trade of their Shortstop Jose Reyes. That was a huge plus also because Troy's hitting power would add to their off season trade Josh Donaldson. So now they have two All Stars on their team just from trades. Their 2nd trade was within hours of the trade deadline! They got another All Star! They acquired David Price, a starting pitcher from the Detroit Tigers. Getting David Price helps them in the one spot where they were really lacking, their starting pitchers. When all this happened the Yankees had an outgoing 8 game lead over the Blue Jays that were in 2nd place in their division. Their three power hitters did what they are supposed to. Lead the offense. The three as in Troy Tullowitzki, Josh Donaldson, and Jose Bautista. Since the deadline the Jays have taken the lead by at least 3 games! That lead powered them into the playoffs losing in the conference title to the Royals.


As I said in the last article, the Houston Astros have been bad all 12 years I have been alive they have been very very bad. Around five years ago they had some relatively good players and traded them away for some Rookies you might know, Jose Altuve and Dallas Keuchel. I said you might know them because they were both in the 2015 All Star Game! The only thing Astros fans could do was wait. It was a very tough time for them. All the Astros could do was practice and Pray that they haven't messed up their team forever. Most fans after 2 or 3 seasons of not getting in the playoffs just gave up and just went to the nearest successful team which at that point of baseball it was the Texas Rangers. The true fans stayed with the Astros and it must've been hard with the San Francisco Giants winning three of the last 5 World Series, and either the Red Sox or the Cardinals winning the others. The Astros have gradually gotten better, and will keep getting better.


The Twins story is a lot like the Astros except they have gotten even further! The AL Central is weird. It is like there are two worlds, the goods and the not so goods. For the past 5 years it has usually been the same. The goods were The Detroit Tigers and the Kansas City Royals. The Bads were the Minnesota Twins, The Chicago White Sox, and the Cleveland Indians. That was always fine with me because I'm a Tigers fan! Unfortunately it couldn't be that way. The Tigers weren't getting any better. The Twins however were getting better gradually, and gradually they passed the Tigers. Part of the reason they got better was getting a draft pick back after several years of him being on the Los Angeles Angels and The Detroit Tigers. That player was Torii Hunter! They also have stars Joe Mauer and Brian Dozier. It looks like The Twins are going to stay put for a while in the good column!

Boston Red Sox

2013 was the year for the Red Sox. They had an amazing season and won the World Series against the St. Louis Cardinals. The year after that they didn't even make the playoffs. It wasn't that year that we're here to talk about. It is the off season leading up to the 2015 season. Everyone thought that the Red Sox would dominate the AL in the 2015 season. They made some major changes to their line up including signing Pablo Sandoval with a multimillion deal. They also signed Hanley Ramirez. A shortstop from The Los Angeles Dodgers. They also brought Mookie Betts, a star from the Minor Leagues. Those 3 players plus the best players on the Red Sox, Dustin Pedroia, David Ortiz, Koji Uehara, and Ryan Hanigan. Basically everyone thought they were stacked. We were ALL wrong. They are a 4th/5th place team in their division. The Boston Red Sox organization was a mess. They didn't want to blame the manager John Farrell because if they did they would have to fire him or they would look bad. They didn't want to fire him because they their most successful seasons with him. So the Red Sox are on hold. All they can do is play baseball... kind of.

New York Mets

When you think of a New York Baseball team you should think of the Yankees. That has to change after the World Series fight that they put on a stacked Royals team. The Yankee's legacy is definitely way better. The Mets have won 2 World Series', and the Yankees have won 27! Lately the Mets have been making more plays, and better plays. One thing that Mets don't and never relied on is luck. People say it was luck that the Mets have been good lately. Was luck that swept the Nationals, or the Braves, or the Marlins, or the Phillies? I don't think so! The Mets are a playoff/World Series team! So what did they do to get so good? They almost signed Carlos Gonzalez from the Brewers, but it fell through. The Mets General Manager tried to make the deal during a game. Word got out to the player that was going to be traded, Wilmer Flores during the game. Let me remind you that he's been with the Mets for 8 years and that was the team he looked up to when he was a kid. It must've felt terrible. The team you've liked since you were young betraying you and traded you to a team that has NO chance to get in the playoffs (sorry Brewers fans)! He busted out into tears on the field! In Terry Collins's words "There is not even a discussion about trading Wilmer Flores! He is too big of a part of our team!" Then there is THOR! His real name is Jacob DeGrom. He is one of their best Starting Pitchers! That is tough to say standing next to Matt Harvey and Bartolo Colon! Also the uprising Noah Syndegard. The Mets are amazing and will continue to amaze in the years to come!

Kansas CityRoyals

Oh boy! The Royals beat their opponent by 8 again is what all AL Central fans other than Royals fans are saying. At one point they had 5 players in the starting lineup for the 2015 All Star Game! You heard me 5!!! They got a big trade from The Cincinnati Reds. They signed Johnny Cueto! He is an all-star and will be for a long time. Their whole team is great with Lorenzo Cain, Eric Hosmer, Mike Moussakas, Alex Gordon, and now Johnny Cueto.

San Francisco Giants

Bruce Bochy is one of the most successful managers of the Major Leagues! They didn't make much change at the trade deadline, but in the offseason they traded one of their best players to the Red Sox! Pablo Sandoval had a huge impact on the Giants, but not on the Red Sox. I was surprised that he wasn't traded away at the deadline! The Giants have never been in a situation where they needed much change. They are placed in one of the best places for baseball in the great state of California! They always have a winning record and a winning attitude. They are the perfect team of baseball. Plus they have 3 rings! That is something that some teams don't have. They might make some moves during this off season to regain their greatness.

Chicago White Sox

The White Sox have never been super good. Deadline after deadline they try something new. There is just always too much going on. It's either some offense, but no defense, or some defense and no offense. They didn't make one move at the deadline. I really don't know why they didn't at least make an offer. Maybe they had their eyes on a player and he got taken, or they just didn't want to take part in the mess of it. They will probably make some if not a lot of changes in the offseason. The Sox are usually at the bottom of the list in their division. That wasn't the case in' 05. They were at the top of all the lists there are when they won the World Series! Nothing else that the White Sox have done deserves an exclamation mark, and that's not going to change for a while.

Pittsburgh Pirates

The Pirates are a strong hitting team with their strong leader in Andrew McCutchen! They had no need for the deadline this year. They may have needed some defense this year, but they wouldn't have anyone to trade because they have such a powerhouse offense! They stand in 2nd place in the NL Central falling behind the St. Louis Cardinals. The series between them and the Cardinals was crucial. They needed to get a sweep to tie the division! They fell short in the 3 game series winning 2. Back to Andrew McCutchen. If you throw one high strike you better watch out because he will hammer one to at least the warning track! Usually if the ball drops in the outfield home run chances are over. Not for Andrew! If he hits one in the gap all you can do is watch. He will be rounding 3rd when the outfielder even gets the ball! Before you can say his name he'll already be touching home plate!

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