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Top Tight End Fantasy Football Sleepers

Posted By James Lindley in Current Sports News
Aug 05, 2014
Top Tight End Fantasy Football Sleepers

Now that the tight end position is similar to playing wide receiver, it has become important to find diamonds in the rough early on before a fantasy draft. People are always looking for fantasy football sleepers, and the tight end position should have a few. Here is a look at 3 potential candidates to take that next step.

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End of the 2010 Season Top 50 Rankings

Congratulations everyone! I present to you the one set of 2010 rankings that won't be of use to anyone in 2010. However, even through the draft, free agency, and the potential for a lockout could change everything (not to mention ruin fall work downtime across the nation) they still present a useful picture of what the fantasy football world looks like to end the season.

Our fantasy football rankings here at The Best Sports Blog tend to be a bit different than those you might find in other places. As you will notice, we tend to rank players in related tiers based on positional value and individual value. For example, the top four wide receivers-Andre Johnson, Calvin Johnson, Roddy White, and Larry Fitzgerald-should all be mid second round picks next season but they share the same relative value. Therefore, they are ranked right next to one another.

So, let's take a look at The Best Sports Blog's inaugural Year End Top 50 Rankings:

  1. RB Adrian Peterson
  2. RB Chris Johnson
  3. RB Arian Foster
  4. RB Ray Rice
  5. QB Aaron Rodgers
  6. RB Michael Turner
  7. RB Steven Jackson
  8. RB Rashard Mendenhall
  9. RB Matt Forte
  10. QB Drew Brees

  11. RB Jamaal Charles
  12. RB LeSean McCoy
  13. QB Tom Brady
  14. QB Michael Vick
  15. RB Darren McFadden
  16. WR Roddy White
  17. WR Andre Johnson
  18. WR Calvin Johnson
  19. WR Larry Fitzgerald
  20. QB Peyton Manning

  21. RB Peyton Hillis
  22. RB Knowshon Moreno
  23. RB Cedric Benson
  24. RB Ben-Jaurus Green Ellis
  25. RB Frank Gore
  26. WR Greg Jennings
  27. QB Philip Rivers
  28. RB Ryan Matthews
  29. QB Josh Freeman
  30. QB Tony Romo

  31. WR Dwayne Bowe
  32. QB Matt Ryan
  33. WR Hakeem Nicks
  34. WR Miles Austin
  35. QB Matt Schaub
  36. WR Reggie Wayne
  37. WR Brandon Marshall
  38. WR Brandon Lloyd
  39. WR Steve Johnson
  40. RB Shonn Green

  41. RB Ahmad Bradshaw
  42. WR Marques Colston
  43. WR DeSean Jackson
  44. WR Percy Harvin
  45. WR Jeremy Maclin
  46. TE Jason Witten
  47. TE Antonio Gates
  48. TE Dallas Clark
  49. TE Vernon Davis
  50. WR Wes Welker
Adrian Peterson

Thanks to for Adrian Peterson's photo.

Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning On the field Super Bowl week for team photo at 2010. Thanks to IAN RANSLEY at for this photo.

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